YWN Introduction To Body Image Bite Size

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YWN Introduction To Body Image Bite Size

Just a quick Introduction article on Body Image. In our work we have many times faced young people suffering from self-confidence, low self-esteem. This is a major concern for young people in the 21st century and there are constant media, magazines showing the perfect male or female models.

Young people and adults like are concerned the way they look, how others see them and looking for self-gratification. this is human nature but it becomes dangerous when we become obsessed with it and become developing mental health issues regarding or body image and the way we look. 

Here at youthworknews we have created a short video presentation for youth workers, social workers, teachers, youth work practitioners and any one working with young people aged 12-19yrs old. 

This video will inform educate and empower you to understand the topic Body Image and how it affects young people. 

Our aim is to bring value and quality to youth work and help practitioners to deliver quality youth work with young people. 

So sit back and this could be one the best 9mins you have spent in your life time. 

Use this with your trainees, young people, staff members and any one you think will benefit from it. 

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