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 Right, let’s face  it! you want to plan a democracy workshop with young people, what happens? all the young people magically vanish into thin air leaving you scratching your head. We all have been there and seen that, so what shall we do? how do we engage young people in the process without scaring them away and not seeing them ever again in our youth centre.

You know your young people and the commitment they will make. But it is up to you and your fellow youth workers, to ensure that the process of participation is fun, enjoyable, memorable and more importantly active participation by young people. get these key ingredients right

“Meaningful democracy requires the meaningful participation of youth”.

Young people have much to offer societies – from innovation to creativity to new thinking. Their participation in democracy promotes active citizenship, strengthens social responsibility and can enhance democratic processes and institutions. And today’s young citizens are tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers.

Yet young people’s engagement with democracy faces significant challenges. Youth work news has put together a checklist after Searching the internet to find good practices from other youth centres/clubs and also organisations working with young people.

here are the things that you need to consider…

  • Start a youth committee
  • Introduce youth lobbyists
  • involve young people in the planning
  • Plan a dummy voting session in your youth centre
  • Design a flyer/poster
  • Use social media to promote your sessions
  • Celebrate the engagement of your young People encourage young people to represent a political party and get them to nominate youth members to the major political parties. Create a BUZZ in the Youth centre one or two weeks before the sessions so young people who are aware of what is happening in the club.
We are done here we hope this has been of help to you, go and have fun with your young people.If you want to share some good practices please leave your comments below.


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