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Participation and active involvement 

Young people choose to be involved, not least because they want to relax, meet friends, make new relationships, to have fun, and to find support,

The work starts from where young people are in relation to their own values, views and principles, as well as their own personal and social space,

It seeks to go beyond where young people start, to widen their horizons, promote participation and invite social commitment, in particular by encouraging them to be critical and creative in their responses to their experience and the world around them,

Equity, diversity and inclusion: 

It treats young people with respect, valuing each individual and their differences, and promoting the acceptance and understanding of others, whilst challenging oppressive behaviour and ideas,

It respects and values individual differences by supporting and strengthening young people’s belief in themselves, and their capacity to grow and to change through a supportive group environment,

It is underpinned by the principles of equity, diversity and interdependence,

Partnership with young people and others 

It recognises, respects and is actively responsive to the wider networks of peers, communities, families and cultures which are important to young people, and through these networks seeks to help young people to achieve stronger relationships and collective identities, through the promotion of inclusivity,

It works in partnership with young people and other agencies which contribute to young people’s social, educational and personal development,

It recognises the young person as a partner in a learning process, complementing formal education, promoting their access to learning opportunities which enable them to fulfil their potential,

Personal, social and political development:

It is concerned with how young people feel, and not just with what they know and can do,

It is concerned with facilitating and empowering the voice of young people, encouraging and
enabling them to influence the environment in which they live

It safeguards the welfare of young people, and provides them with a safe environment in which to
explore their values, beliefs, ideas and issues
These values underpin and are to be reflected within the requirements of the relevant standards.

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