‘To Be or Not to Be that is the question?’

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With the growing focus in the media and in British Politics with the EU Referendum, we ask a key question “What’s in it for young people of Britain?”

Will young people be better off or worse off with the UK leaving the EU?

In a recent survey conducted with young people aged 14-21 years old, 35 out of 50 young people said they felt it was better for the UK to leave the EU. This is a huge 85% of the individuals in the survey. Some of the concerns raised by the young people were the growing immigration issues, a lack of jobs and migrants doing jobs on the cheap, increased crime by EU nationals and increased community tensions causing poor community relations.

Many of the young people when the question about these negative aspects felt a lot of this was coming from news & media, hearing things from MEP like Nigel Farage, demonstrations in local areas from groups such as English Defence League, UKIP and the rising tension and topic of immigration in the school playgrounds and social media.

The young people that wanted Britain to stay in the UK, was because they felt we had more security with other countries, more opportunities allowing young people to take part in EU projects, more support around migration and EU laws. Many of the young people when questions about the positive aspects felt that Britain can’t just act like the dark old days and needs to integrate more with EU and not just see the UK as an island for White people. Britain has benefited from

One key factor everyone said they liked about the EU debate was now with Boris Johnson supporting the ‘No Campaign’ its is getting more exciting and something the young people want to learn and get involved in.

– What is the thing the Youth sector loses if UK leaves EU?

– What if we stay will we see a better deal for young people and the youth sector in the UK?

– Does anything really change for the youth sector across the EU?

I don’t feel there is much in the form of national debate on this EU referendum from leading youth agencies. What is their position in giving information from both sides to allow young people to make a decision when coming to vote?

Is the EU referendum an important thing or is it just something not of interest to these agencies. I am positive in the thinking that whilst there may not be any formal campaign from any leading youth agencies; discussion and debates must be taking place in head offices across the country and each CEO and their officers must have their own views on this matter and which way they will be voting!!

Anyway, the country and those young people voting will make history on Thursday 23rd June 2016!!

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