The Plan Do Review Cycle is a simple framework for designing youth work activities

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The Plan Do Review Cycle is a simple framework for designing youth work activities to ensure maximum fun, effectiveness and learning.

Everyone involved in the youth group can be involved in the Plan Do Review Cycle, including young people, volunteers and other leaders.




Planning an Activity Session

It’s a good idea to develop an activity plan before running the session.  An activity plan will normally include:

  • Activity Name
  • Venue
  • Timings
  • Aim of the session
  • Outcomes for young people (what will change for young people as a result of the activity, for example ‘young people have increased skills’)
  • Method (what are you actually going to do)
  • Staffing (how many and which staff/volunteers will support the session)
  • Materials/equipment

Access a template plan. (Link)

Tips for running a successful activity session

  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Plan and prepare for the session in advance.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the activity and can explain it easily.
  • Give thought to the sequence of games/activities; try to ensure variety; follow an inactive game with something active.
  • Choose activities suitable to the size of the group and the space available.
  • Be prepared to adapt activities to make them relevant to suit different ages, interests and abilities.
  • Be prepared to act as a role model and take part.
  • Give plenty of praise and encouragement.
  • Respect everyone’s right not to share feelings, emotions and private information about themselves.
  • Have a sense of humor!

Build a toolkit of activities

New volunteers are encouraged to build their own ‘toolkit’ of activities. A ‘toolkit’ of activities gives a volunteer a range of activities and options up their sleeve. This can involve learning from other volunteers; drawing from experience; getting ideas from the youth work resources listed; and attending training courses.

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