The Life and Times of a Public Speaking Trainer

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My name is Taha and I am a public speaking trainer.   I write this blog to share my experiences on my public speaking journey and some of the key things I have learnt along the way.


I first begin with my story, how the fear and anxiety of speaking in public was incredibly crippling and how I overcame these inhibitions. Then I’ll move into some powerful concepts and innovative thinking behind what it takes to catapult one to the level of the great public speaker. So here goes – this is my story.


It was at the age of four. I slipped into the swimming pool. The thing was I couldn’t swim. The water began enveloping my face. What was I thinking? How did I slip? I knew I couldn’t swim so what was I doing. Many thoughts but I couldn’t shout for help.


I’m sure I was someone who talked gibberish at the best of times. And now, at the worst of times, where was my voice? Where was that one word – Help? I began descending and I was frantically trying to move my hands. Nothing happened.


All I saw, as I slipped below the surface, was my mother. She had seen me go under water and she began shouting to my brother who was nearby. Thankfully he was able to grab me out before I went too deep.   I write this as often we underestimate the power of communication. Our words can have immense power.


Communication; we use it every day, from the beginning of civilisation to the current day.   Communication has moved emotions, moved armies, moved man on to the moon and, more importantly for me, it saved my life. Had my mother not used her voice to alert my brother, would this story have been written?


As I reflect on this, I keep thinking.   This was how my first public speaking appearances were.


I stood in front of the audience but the words were non-existent. I wanted to speak but I couldn’t. Why did I feel like the whole world was caving in? Or, dare I say it, why did I feel like drowning? All I had to do was open my mouth and say something, anything. I hated public speaking.


I hated it. What was so easy for others was so difficult for me. What was the difference between them and me? They were human. I was human. They had a voice. I had a voice. They could speak.   I couldn’t. But now. To think now I am a public speaking trainer.


A person who trains people in public speaking. A person who trains people in what was once a great hatred. This story I write about took 20 years in the making. But I got there.


I got to my ‘Promised Land’ as Martin Luther King Junior spoke so passionately about. It wasn’t easy and how many times was it so easy to just give up.


But isn’t this what the great stories are all about? Obstacles lay in the face of our hero or heroine and they used every ounce of their strength and courage to lay low these obstacles.


It was tough but they did it. It was draining. But they did it. Nay, it was well-nigh impossible….but they did it. My story is nothing like the great tales of old. I didn’t have an arch villain to vanquish. I didn’t have to travel the lands. I didn’t have to leave my home and never come back to it. My story is simple.

“I feared public speaking and I overcame it.”

I have compiled the best top ten tips to help you on your journey to become a great at presentations. You can dowload the tips by clicking on the link below.

Use these tips to deliver a AWESOME presentation and mesmerise your audiences.

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