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Learn how to inspire using body language, vocal delivery and nerve management. A series of bite-sized video tutorials that develop public speaking skills and instil confidence into would-be speakers.

Dear Friend Taha here,

Let’s face reality. Be honest with yourself, Public Speaking Is freaking Tough. But deep down you know that you really really want to do this (in some cases YOU have to right?) but for some reason, you cannot face it to get up on stage or in front of the audience.

Your knees are soft, your palms are sweaty, your heart pounds like mad, and you have this weird feeling in your stomach.

Only a few more minutes before it’s your turn to get on stage.

You try to calm yourself down while nervously rehearsing your speech in your mind.

It’s time to get on stage.

Your nervousness increases and you start to worry that everybody will notice how scared you are. At this point your mind is so preoccupied with your anxiety that you nervously mumble away, holding on to your notes and not actually focusing on giving a great presentation. You’re just trying to get it over with.

Finally, you’re done; you get off stage and sigh in relief hoping this will never happen again.

At least this is how most people feel about giving a talk or presentation.

What Is Public Speaking, Anyway?

Think about a time when you had to stand in front of people and tell them something. Maybe it was an oral report at university or a presentation at work. After gathering your materials and preparing what to say, you arrived at the podium and started talking.

That, my friend, is public speaking, and it involves communicating information before an audience. What makes public speaking differently than, say, just talking to a group of friends, is in the way information is conveyed. In public speaking, the information is purposeful and meant to inform, influence or entertain a group of listeners—in other words, it is to communicate information effectively.

Public speaking is considered the # 1 fear in the western world (apparently, the rest of the world has more important things to worry about). And I get it.

While I am not really that scared of delivering a prepared speech, I am terrified of impromptu speaking because exposing my unfiltered thoughts feels like a crowd is watching me undress, Spanx and all.

According to Brian Tracey, the world’s leading marketing, sales and personal development expert: the average person fears public speaking more than death itself!

Yet being able to effectively communicate your ideas to key decision makers, teammates, potential customers and investors is arguable one of the most important, skills you need for building a successful career

Why Do You Need It?

Speaking effectively in public forums dates back centuries. Yet, it still remains one of the most important skills we can acquire in modern times.

There are so many reasons why you should learn how to speak effectively in a public setting. Some of them include:

You become more capable of persuading, motivating, influencing and informing

  • You capture an audience’s attention and take the attention away from competitors
  • Employers value skilled communicators
  • All leadership roles require strong communication
  • You are no longer afraid of delivering impromptu speeches
  • Every time you speak well in public, it increases your self-confidence
  • You can build a personal brand if you speak well in public forums
  • In contrast, the inability to speak well puts you at a disadvantage. This includes:

Speaking poorly reflects badly on you. That’s because all of us are too often judged through what we say and how we say it.
Not speaking well will undermine your basic confidence in yourself as a business professional, entrepreneur, activist, etc.
Speaking poorly undermines credibility. Unfortunately, poor communication skills are less impactful and less authoritative.

“Give me 90 minutes—and I’ll teach you how to become a confident and powerful speaker.”

—Taha Undre, Course instructor

My Story

By nature, I am an introvert. Yet if you see me now, you’d think I’d be an extrovert. Changing my circumstances has given the impression to people that I am an extrovert.

The truth is, for many years, I was a shy person and the sheer thought of public speaking would send me into an inescapable shell – a shell that was slowly destroyed when I joined one of the Toastmasters public speaking clubs.

At school, my lack of confidence and my inability to speak in public was hindering my progress. I wanted to speak but I couldn’t – something prevented me to do so. And whenever I got the opportunity to speak, I’d make a real mess of it. Or so I thought.

At age 11, my English teacher once asked me a question in front of the class and the most I could muster was ‘mmm’. It just seemed impossible to open the mouth – it looked so easy for others and here I was struggling to even utter a single word. I have a slight speech impediment and there were times when fellow pupils mocked me. I’d be angry in those moments; disappointed as well.

There were people who understood and stood up for me at these times of mockery. To them, I am forever grateful. This gave me some strength and it is also the achievement of success in the

sporting arena that gave me some confidence. But the root problem, that is my fear of public speaking, was never uprooted.

I then went to university. It was not here that I overcame my fear of public speaking. I graduated and went to work at a small consultancy. I did not overcome my fear of public speaking here, either. I left this consultancy and then joined a government department. It was here that I overcame my fear.

I joined a Toastmasters public speaking club. I remember the first time I spoke to the club members. As usual, my heart beat fast, my body went warm, my adrenaline levels were increasing. I finished my speech and went and sat down. I don’t know what I said. I hated it. I wanted to stop. Yet I continued, for I remembered the wise words of my mother, ‘Just speak’.

Wondering if it’s worth it? Watch this to decide for yourself.

This class is for you if…

  • You freeze up in front of an audience (or even a conference table full of coworkers).
  • You feel awkward about how you look and speak on camera.
  • You hate watching video of your presentations because you fixate on the mistakes you’ve made.
  • You know your business deserves a stronger spokesperson, but you’re not sure how to become one.


You deserve to command a bigger audience. Here’s how this class will help.

Handling Q&As

Don’t let questions from the audience leave you speechless! Here’s how to keep building your authority in a post-talk Q&A.

Following Up

Bring your audience with you when you leave the room. I’ll share my favorite way to use presentations to build a lasting following.

Become More Confident

The focus now turns on to the speaker (with context and audience covered later in the course).

Getting Feedback

To keep improving your talk, you’ll need to hear more than “You did great!” Here’s how to get honest, helpful feedback on presentations.

What Are Others Saying About This Course?

Benefits Of This Course


  1. Learning to remove the fear and anxiety of public speaking
  2. How to calm the nerves before a big presentation
  3. How to build your levels of confidence
  4. How to have the right mindset and thoughts before a big presentation
  5. Understanding the role of the speaker
  6. Understanding the importance of understanding the context and the audience in a presentation
  7. How to structure a presentation succinctly
  8. How to generate and refine content for your speech
  9. Understanding the role of the vocal and visual elements in the delivery of a presentation
  10. Understanding the complete journey of giving a presentation

About the Course

This course on public speaking and building confidence paves the way for an individual to take their speaking ability to a whole new level. The course breaks down the key techniques in bitesize chunks that anyone can use to engage and captivate any audience.

We cover the obstacles that one faces in speaking publicly and we cover ways to overcome these obstacles. How to portray confidence, how to remove any fear of speaking, how to connect with any audience at any time, how to give life to your words are some of the key concepts we cover in this course.

The course can be taken in your own time and at your own pace. The key messages from the tutorials is that anyone can become a great speaker; all is needed is one to take the effort and time to working on their speaking ability.

The course teaches what the difference is between the average speaker and the good speaker and the difference between the good speaker and the great speaker, but more importantly, what it takes for one to become the great speaker.

Who is the course for?

Taha Undre’s Public Speaking Course

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, teachers, trainers, students, professionals, salesmen, speakers, accountants, statisticians

What are the requirements?

Anyone who wants to understand how to communicate with impact and confidence to any audience.

This course develops a speaker’s confidence and improves his/her ability to deliver a powerful speech. This course is for you if you:

  • Are in a position that requires speaking in a public forum
  • Want to overcome the anxiety of speaking in front of people
  • Want to influence, motivate, persuade or inform
  • Want to build a meaningful connection with the audience
  • Want to create job advancement opportunities
  • Want to become a better presenter
  • Are frequently holding presentations and consultations
  • Want to be better at delivering impromptu speeches



Session 1 – Introduction to public speaking

The introduction. We look at the three key parts to any communication – the speaker, the context and the audience. We also cover an example of Martin Luther King Junior when he delivered the famous ‘I have a dream’ speech.

Session 2 – Key questions about the speaker, context and audience

Before you begin preparation for your presentation, we cover key questions to think about regarding you as the speaker, the context in which you are speaking and who you will be presenting to. We also look at the differences between a successful speech and an unsuccessful one.

Session 3 – The speaker’s confidence

The focus now turns on to the speaker (with context and audience covered later in the course). Of the three parts to communication as described above, the speaker element is the one you have most control over and so we concentrate on the speaker over the next few sessions. In this session, we look at the different aspects of confidence of the speaker and start to understand more about your mindset as speaker… and much much more

Bonus Materials


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Warm Regards,
Taha Undre

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