Why is it that some people are afraid of public speaking? How do you overcome that fear?

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Can you relate to that? I for one certainly can. I remember I was “sooo…” afraid to go in front of an audience during my student life. I remember it felt like every day seemed to be public speaking. We had to stand in front of the class and present for 5 mins about the chosen discussion and topic of the day. Those 5 mins were like 45 mins at that time.

Nonetheless, you have to face your inner demons in order to overcome them. So being thrown in the deep end is a good thing. Having said that it has to be a safe environment. You cannot just throw someone in the deep end if you don’t know the audience as this is very harmful that will scar some for life. So be careful how you go about this with your students or some new to public speaking.

Looking back now I think going through the process has helped me to become more confident in my speaking with others and in a group as well. Who said studying youth and community is boring.”

However, I still get butterflies the first few minutes of starting my presentation. I believe that’s natural and once you get going bobs your uncle.

“So why is it people are so afraid of public speaking. Well here’s some ideas as to why. Those were the good all days”

Reasons, why people are afraid of Public speaking, are-

Lack of Confidence is the most common in many people as this is the first step that leads to other issues such as Being nervous, Lack of practice, Fear of diligence all comes down on you heavy.

Having Knowledge of what you are presenting is a game changer and makes you feel confident. Many don’t do adequate planning nor do they structure their presentation and mainly rely on their powerpoint presentations. This is a huge mistake and shows to the audience that you have not prepared.

Many people say that practice.. practice… makes it easier. I, on the other hand, defer from this, as too much practice leaves you brain dead. So be careful not to over practice when you are preparing for your big speech. The key here is to break it down into bite-size manageable contents that you can learn and action it.

It’s ok to be nervous, scared, forget your line all you need to just remember this hat every one when starting off was in the same position as you are. (if you’re new to this that is). Now if you’re a public speaking guru and this what you do for a living that’s another whole ball game.

I have created a video called top ten tips to becoming an effective speaker. In the video, I share some valuable tips, that you can always use or prepare yourself before your big speech. You can see the video its free to download so Check it out and let me know. >>Click here to download the video>> 

If you have any suggestion feel free to leave your comments and suggestions on the comment box. Happy speaking “may the force be with you” To your public speaking success.  

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