Managing and coaching together

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By Robert McKenzie

When thinking about development and growth of an organization, recognizing the difference between managing and coaching is paramount. One without the other is defective, but when both elements work together the potential is drastically increased. Management is something that is almost ‘common sense’ but coaching can be difficult to get right. Coaching can be done by anyone with the capacity to do so, and isn’t subject to the same hierarchical constraints that management is. We should embrace coaching, and allow it to happen without our egos clouding our judgments, and recognize that every person, at every level has skills, strengths and knowledge and that we can all learn from each other. Try and think about the skills you have to offer, what could you teach other people? What do colleagues normally ask you about?

I am not talking about a specific incident or environment, I was just thinking about what I offer, who contacts me for information and guidance and whom I turn to for guidance. By being aware of these interactions will surely support our development.

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