How to get the best out of your Semi-Independent​ accommodation

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It’s a fact even adults find it challenging. Ask any adult about what their experience is when they make the transition into a new house.

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If you’re comfortable with what you have, where you are living at the moment, change can be a daunting thing.

If you had a good relationship with your foster carer it can be tough, knowing that you will be no longer living with them. On the other hand, if you had a not so good relationship your carers then this is a good thing as well.

The fear of moving to a new place can be scary for you. Not to mention meeting new people that you have to share a house with them scary at first.

Who won’t be scared of this? But the most important thing is for you to remember is that fear is only temporary.

All you need to do is take a leap of faith face the fear head-on. Plus you will have all the support if you needed it that is.

Hey let’s look at this way it’s a new chapter in your new book and the old one is now closed. It’s a new you new beginning tomorrow is another day.

In this article, you will learn how to get the best out of your Semi-independent accommodation.

You will learn…

  • What to look for in the accommodation
  • What you can do to make it work for you
  • What support is available for you

So are you ready? Let’s dive in

What to look for in the accommodation 

When your social worker (SW)/Key Worker(KW) tells you that T we are looking for suitable semi-independent accommodation for you.

You talked about it with your SW/KW that you want a place of your own. You want to do things for yourself, become a responsible person. It’s that time now to make the decision.

So let’s see what you need to do to make this big decision in your life.

You need to…

  • Obtain information about where the accommodation is
  • Make a pre-visit to inspect and see the property for yourself
  • Meet the staff and other residents at the accommodation
  • Get more information about the local area.
  • Ask questions or prepare some questions with your SW/KW beforehand
  • Write down some goals at least 5 to 6 major ones that you want to achieve

These are only a few I’m sure you’ll come up with more or better ones than me.

What you can do to make it work for you how

Have an open mind, be friendly with staff and other young people who will be residing there as well? Treat the place as if it’s your own.

This is where you will be tested the most. You will have to do everything yourself. Tidy your room, prepare your meal, wash your clothes, respect the rules and also keeping your room tidy

This you’re time to shine and prove yourself that you can do this and learn the skills to become independent.

Remember if you don’t do it then no one else is going to do it for you. Be friendly with the staff and engage with them. Don’t hold back, try to build a good rapport with staff and other residents.

It will be tough but don’t give up. As you will be sharing with people there will be times when you will get annoyed with other members and staff. Hold it together because you’re on a mission nothing can hold you back.

When you are facing difficulties refer back to your goals and reflect on them, this will help you get back in track. If you need support then don’t hold back or be shy to ask any staff members or your social work/key worker. Talking helps to unload some of the weight from your shoulders.

What support is available for you

Always keep an eye on what’s happening in your semi-independent accommodation. A good provider will always have something going on that will help you and others living there.

This could be some advice and guidance, specific workshops on topics like employment, education, entrepreneurship.

But remember you’re not alone in this. If you need any support ask. Like the old saying goes “if you don’t ask you don’t get anything.” It’s like the metaphor of the crying baby that gets all the attention.

I wanted to keep it very simple and I hope this helps you in any way in your journey to develop your independent skills and have your own place one day. You will get there remember you’re amazing and you now that.

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