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Speaking in public can be duanting at times, but if you can master it, it can be a fun and enjoable experience. In this article I want to share with YOU some of the tools that I use to help me diliver a awesome presentaion as a youth worker that will help you in YOUR own presentaion.

If you have a fear of public sepaking I also wrote an article on this whch you can read all about it called Why is it that some people are afraid of public speaking? How do you overcome that fear?

It’s a bite size article PACKED with valuable Information, so lets get started…enjoy 🙂

There are a variety of Helpful Presentation Tools for Public Speakers tools that can be very helpful for public speakers or any one who is interested in becoming one. Most importantly sometimes using a tool can help you convey your message in a better way to your audience. Other times using a tool can be a confidence builder, just holding a remote in your hand can be a boost. Let’s take a look at some helpful presentation tools that you may want to use for your next speech.

Using slides is a popular tool that lots of public speakers like to use. You can easily create PowerPoint slides and turn them into a professional slide show.

This is a great way to reinforce certain points and/or facts in your speech. Or you can use images to add variety to your speech. Giving your audience a visual aid can help to keep them paying more attention. While your audience does want to listen to what you have to say, certain topics can be long winded. So adding in a few visual elements can help keep them entertained and interested.

Here is a great video from Pat Flynn on youtube you can watch at your leisure on how to create awesome slide decks.

Other great tools to use are whiteboards, especially if you like to write out topic headings as you speak. This also gives you a few moments to collect your thoughts, take a pause, and then continue on with your speech.

Sticks, batons and remotes can all be used to help you point out interesting facts and features during your presentation. Using a remote allows you to
switch slides easily without really moving. If you like to walk across the stage then using some kind of pointer to highlight areas on an image would
be a great choice for you.

When it comes to tools that you can use for your presentation only use tools that help you emphasize particular areas. You don’t want to display a collection of cuddly toys, for example, if they are going to do nothing but distract your audience.

So think carefully about what items and tools that you could use, that will add interest to your speech. If you are talking about collecting sea shells
then by all means take along some examples. You can think pick them up and talk about them during your speech.

Or you could display them after your speech so that your audience is encouraged to mingle with you and ask further questions. While you don’t want to use too many tools, select one or two that will either a) help increase your confidence or b) add interest to your speech.

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