Can youth work with experienced workers produce a positive outcome in a professional setting?

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In today’s workplace, especially if your youth worker it pays to be aware of your own ability and the impact it has on your organisation your working for. It is crucial that youth workers old or new should think about the advantages that they bring to their role.

Let’s say, someone who’s more experienced means that he or she, has spent the time to educate and broaden their knowledge and is perceived to be an expert in youth work. What this entails is that they may have experience and undertaken time to acquire it through attending or going through the educational establishment.

They may have spent many years developing core specialised skills in a particular area, or subject and have become an expert on the subject. This means that for example, the more specialised you are in a particular area such as working with young people involved in gang activity. This could be in demand or a need that has come about due to research which requires specialised skill for intervention.

In general, someone with more experience and skills in working with young people in gangs will be far better suited then, from a newly fresh youth worker straight out of university. As the new young worker has not had as much time to develop their skill in the that filed, or not have a specialised skill set, maturity, people skills from life their experience in general.

Ok let’s just jump into the question, so If you really want to make a positive difference and outcome to your work, here some, consider the following;

Always be ready to work hard

And yes this means even if you hate the task at hand. We have all been there and have experienced those tasks that we hated it. however think of it like that if your in it for the young people, then those tasks will help you towards a career if your starting out new in the youth work field, but hey if you been there for a while in this field you know to work through some of the boring things, makes a whole world of difference in the long run.

Even in life, there are always some boring tasks or parts of it that you dislike.¬†Face the fact, that if you are starting out as a junior, you will be paid less and of course you’ll be given more menial tasks. Of course, in order to produce the desired outcome or experience in the case of a new junior youth worker, it’s fundamental that they go through the process and develop a strong foundation based professionalism.

Be ready to learn new skills and grow

This will help you be more professional and have the necessary skills set to deliver quality over quantity. Having or specialising will demonstrate to others outside of youth work that you are skilled and have the experience to deliver. This will no doubt move you toward better pay, respected by not only your colleagues but, by other professionals you have contact with and a more stable career.

Be reliable

Now, this is very important. Nobody likes someone who is unreliable that’s a fact!. Employers like reliable people as they know that they can count on them to get the job done. This will make or break your career and in my opinion, bring a bad name to the youth work field. not to mention the negative impact it has on young people. in the long run, the changes are you may not hold on to your job for long if you’re not reliable. Being reliable not only brings respect it also helps young people, managers and volunteers to come to you for advice and guidance.

Your Personality and personal factors play a bigger part

This really plays a big factor in your professional career. Nothing can prepare you for this, as this is something that is natural and you develop them throughout your life. People tend to like people who are likeminded and naturally form a bond regardless of whether you are at work in your personal interaction with others.

The ability to get things done. Yes, that’s right you have to acquire the right mindset and also the necessary skills set to get things done. You have to be competent, confident in your role to achieve the desired results and outcomes. you have to be determined, motivated and respectful to others in your workplace.

It is clear and there is no shadow of a doubt that youth workers who have invested in their own personal development have a more greater chance of producing a positive outcome in a professional setting as youth worker?.

So, therefore, continues professional development (CPD) is a must for all youth workers to establish authority and also bring about quality youth work that changes lives and makes a difference to young people who come in contact with youth workers.


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