2014 Youth Work Week

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What are your plans

The 2014 theme is Skills for Life and will run from 3 – 9 November.

I thought I share some ideas which you may help plan your week and how to celebrate Youth Work Week

A checklist of ideas for individuals and organisations

  • Organise an event
  • ‡Use the 2014 theme of Youth Empowerment through Soft Skills to run a workshop or training session to help young people build skills such as team-work, self-confidence and resilience.
  • ‡Organise a performing or visual arts competition or workshop involving music, filming, radio presenting, DJ-ing, music production, theatre, painting, drawing, badge making, fashion, or photography.
  • ‡Volunteer or fundraise for your organisation, a charity or a worthy cause. Debate policy
  • ‡Hold a workshop, conference or consultation on the role and contribution of youth work to national development.
  • ‡Conduct research on the challenges facing youth workers in your country and share your report with the Commonwealth Youth Programme and national media.
  • ‡Review and share your thoughts on a Commonwealth Code of Ethics in Youth Work or develop your own national code of ethics for youth work professionals.
  • ‡Lobby for a meeting with the Minister of Youth, or other senior officials, to discuss youth work issues in your country.
  • Celebrate excellence
  • ‡Nominate an outstanding youth worker for the Commonwealth Youth Worker Awards 2014.
  • ‡Organise a youth worker recognition award for your community or country to promote outstanding youth workers at home.
  • ‡Write a case study on a successful youth work project in your country and share it with the Commonwealth Youth Programme and national media.
  • Educate and inform
  • ‡Produce a youth magazine or newsletter featuring articles and opinion pieces by young people, interviews with local community figures or political leaders, or music and movie reviews.
  • ‡Run a social media campaign using Facebook, Twitter or blogging sites to publicise events, educate people about the role of youth workers or the importance of soft skills. Use the hashtag #YWW14 to link with other events around the globe.

 Social media tips

  • Social media presents an opportunity to raise your profile and be seen by influential figures including press and broadcasters. When used in conjunction with each other, Twitter and Facebook can help you to reach and interact with younger audiences.
  • ‡Facebook: When you post a status update try to make it light-hearted and consider finishing with a question. Other options are running competitions or polls which provide an incentive for people to get involved. Tell the Commonwealth Youth Programme about your activities via facebook.com
  • Twitter: Use the hashtag #YWW14 to interact with other youth workers and young people running events and projects during Youth Work Week. Let us know what you are up to by tweeting

for more info on the above check http://thecommonwealth.org/

Share some of your ideas below so other people can use them.

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